Thursday, October 21, 2010

Arn: the knight Templar

sometimes its nice to watch a film as you paint or as you take a short break from painting. Sometimes a little gem is unearthed such as the 13th warrior, which has made an appearance in many dark age skirmish games. great film, well worth watching if you havent seen it and thank you to jem for recommending it and lending it. In a lot of ways I am quite easy to please in terms of period eye candy - just bit of a story, bit of action and a bit of fun. How is it then that this film fails on all areas? it has subtitles for some of it which is most times a good sign as no one give space to low quality subtitled films, is about the crusades and medieval scandanavia, all of which should have added to something watchable and entertaining while painting. I even watched it through to the bitter end in case it had that one moment in which it redeemed itself. how stupid was I?
poor, poor film, and poor poor me!!!

these are the last of the armoured saxons

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

general fyrd

finally found the pictures of these. They are mainly renegade figures and I quite like them as they have interesting faces which makes them nice to paint. with these and the next set of select fyrd pics that I am putting up means that I have finished the foot figures all bar 5 command ones. Just 28 cav to go now and army is nearly done!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

saxon pics

cant find the general fyrd pics so will post them when I find them. These are the select fyrd

holidays and tonsilectomy!

these are two different headings as I had my school holidays and was back at work for one day when I had to go into hospital and have my tonsils removed. for over this span of 4 weeks I have been trying to get my anglo saxons finished and am doing of at it.. Only have 20 more inf and 28 cav to go then it is onto basing and done!!!! I have also found that taking photos from my phone seems to be just as good as using my camera but much more immediate so I am hoping that this will increase the regularity of my posts. Here are some pics of the saxons.. the first are of the light troops and the second lot are general fyrd (no armour) and then finally some of the select fyrd and huscarls. I am still working my way through my new lot of reaper paint and am still enjoying them. next on my list is to replace/expand my foundry triads as these are getting old and other nice colours have come out since i first purchased them 10 yrs ago!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

lasalle game

played a game of lasalle at a friends house a little while ago. good game and an excellent day alround. the pics wont do it justice but there were around 2600 infantry and 600 cavalry (15mm of course). It was french and saxon allies on one side and a russians /austrian alliance on the other. victory went to the french with the saxons putting up an excellent fight in spite of their ratings. it played out in about 6 hours and the rules handled the size of the game well. if i can get more pics i will post them at a later date.

Friday, October 8, 2010

long time no post!

not a very prolific start to my blogging career. However i have been better at painting so I do have some stuff to post about now. I started painting my zombies and was quite pleased with the first few I did but after having put together 72 plastic zombies from wargames factory i am a bit zombied out and so am on to other things for a while.. i will comtinue with these later but being ever fickle I am on to something else! Anyway, here's a few pics of the zombies so far painted

Thursday, August 26, 2010

more cowboys

finished painting the pirates tonight and listed them on trade me. hopefully they will sell. Next lot are some WW2 german paras. I have also put some pics up of some cowboys I painted not long ago

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

been busy painting a few foundry pirates that I have had lying around for a while with the intention of selling them to buy some new paints. they have turned out OK and am just finishing the last two so pictures will soon follow. Had an email from war games factory informing me that my zombies have been dispatched so am excited about these turning up any day soon.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

This is my new blog to encourage/track the progress of my new project (or knowing me -projects!! My aim is to create a Zombie, futurewars, demon incursion type game. Stage one is to raise money and to that end I have sold some gladiators that I have had for a while and, although I enjoyed painting them, never got round to using. They have gone on trade me and the money already spent on wargames factory hard plastic zombies!