Thursday, October 21, 2010

Arn: the knight Templar

sometimes its nice to watch a film as you paint or as you take a short break from painting. Sometimes a little gem is unearthed such as the 13th warrior, which has made an appearance in many dark age skirmish games. great film, well worth watching if you havent seen it and thank you to jem for recommending it and lending it. In a lot of ways I am quite easy to please in terms of period eye candy - just bit of a story, bit of action and a bit of fun. How is it then that this film fails on all areas? it has subtitles for some of it which is most times a good sign as no one give space to low quality subtitled films, is about the crusades and medieval scandanavia, all of which should have added to something watchable and entertaining while painting. I even watched it through to the bitter end in case it had that one moment in which it redeemed itself. how stupid was I?
poor, poor film, and poor poor me!!!

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