Sunday, October 17, 2010

holidays and tonsilectomy!

these are two different headings as I had my school holidays and was back at work for one day when I had to go into hospital and have my tonsils removed. for over this span of 4 weeks I have been trying to get my anglo saxons finished and am doing of at it.. Only have 20 more inf and 28 cav to go then it is onto basing and done!!!! I have also found that taking photos from my phone seems to be just as good as using my camera but much more immediate so I am hoping that this will increase the regularity of my posts. Here are some pics of the saxons.. the first are of the light troops and the second lot are general fyrd (no armour) and then finally some of the select fyrd and huscarls. I am still working my way through my new lot of reaper paint and am still enjoying them. next on my list is to replace/expand my foundry triads as these are getting old and other nice colours have come out since i first purchased them 10 yrs ago!

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