Saturday, September 7, 2013

#insert your own city's name here#'s finest!

I have set myself the goal of getting a working 'all things zombies' campaign up and running by xmas.  It will probably be a solo game with occasional episodes played with others in my gaming group.  In order to do that I have a list of figures I would like to get and have painted before I start.  High on the list were police as they play a big part in the early games and I want to have figures for any random events that are generated.  As luck would have it, Ainsty castings were selling off  some of the street violence range at a reduced cost, so I bought a couple of packs of street cops (and the backstreet militia which have yet to be painted!).  Below is the Police dept of the yet to be named city.
One of the older members of the department
 After I had painted him I realised that he should have been brown skinned!  Oh well- next time I will paint him correctly!
 All of the figures are very characterful, especially this one, who has a coffee and burger from mcD's and the one eating a pizza.
 the figures are armed with shotguns or pistols and have a nice mix of male and female officers.
 time for a snack in between zombies
 I like the fact that the female officers are not sexualised and exaggerated.

 These last few are of the departments SWAT team - I have another team of 5 to do but not sure where they are on the list yet.

over all I feel that they worked out not to shabbily with the streetcops being better that the SWAT team.  All of the figures were fun to paint.  I think I need to get some non foundry survivors to expand the collection!

this weekends offering of supers

a few more of my heroclik repaints.  
to start off with - Luke Cage , Power man.  Nice, easy colour scheme and a chance to practice a different skin colour!
 Hydroman.  A figure where the transparent plastic was too nice to undercoat over so just did the bit I wanted to repaint.  I think where i managed to keep the transparent effects on the figure I usually enhances the final effect.  It worked particularly well on this figure.
 Gorgon - one of the immortals.  would really like to get blackbolt to lead the immortals I have but he is a super rare figure and well above what I would pay for a clik I intended to repaint and rebase.
 The Hulk's son, Skaar.  A nice fantasy model as well.
 Moon night.  Another white model that I painted in foundry canvas triad rather than a grey/white combination.  I like the effect but some of it is that I only have GW greys and whites and they are going thick (as they tend to do!).  Maybe I just need to get a few more paints....
that's it for this weeks supers update, so have a good week people! (if anyone is out there looking!)

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Reaper Kickstarter

 Well, it finally happened.  My reaper bones kickstarter turned up.  It has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride for the last few months, ever since they started to ship the rewards out.  I have tried very hard to keep upbeat about it all and not get too despondent about the lack of communication and the feeling that the rest of the world orders were almost second class citizens. my patience finally paid of on Friday as a box was delivered by our postie.  It had been a year since the start of the kickstarter and now I finally got to see what my money had been spent on.
 the above image was straight from the kickstarter webpage and show the figures that had been promised in the basic pack.  After a couple of hours of unwrapping them(!) I had a pile of plastic miniatures.  Below is a picture of a Bones haul.  Quite impressive.
 However, I did also buy a dragon called Kaladrax.  I have mixed feelings over him at the moment.  Due to a mix up between reaper and the Chinese company that made them he turned out much bigger than anticipated, definitely bigger than I anticipated.  He can be seen in the picture below next to a normal 28mm figure.
the model is huge, too huge for me to have any real use for him.  I could paint him and sell him I suppose but with so many other figures to paint he has to be at the bottom of my list of things to do.
I have been pleasantly surprised by the bones themselves.  Most have a good level of detail on them and am definitely happy with the deal I got from the Kickstarter.  Have started to undercoat a couple to try out.  Due to the nature of the material you cannot spray undercoat them and so brush on undercoat is the order of the day.  Also as the plastic is very hydrophobic, the undercoat cant be watered down to improve flow so I found that a couple of coats was neccessary to get rid of the glaring white bits that were missed first time through.  And as a final problem, the first one I tried wouldn't even even take a undiluted first coat as it was covered in release compound so I had to was the figures in warm soapy water.  Not a good start :(
I will be posting pictures of finished minis when I get them painted.

a few more superheros!

Today was fathers day and my 4 yr old daughter got me a copy of the marvel movie Thor as a present. (she also got me some chocolates which she proceeded to help me eat!)  The film got me to thinking it was time for me to upload some more images of my clik repaints.
First up is Ghost
 I liked the clear lower body on the figure so attempted to keep it in. I feel it worked quite well.
Next up is Wendigo. This is an awesome figure and I might get a few more to paint differently for fantasy games.  Really cheap as well - I'm sure that it only cost me about US$1.
 This was one of my original attempts at stripping and repainting.  I had to be very careful with the Wasps wings
 The Patriot.  A simple figure that I think would be made or ruined by how well the shield turned out.  I felt that it as ok enough to photo!

 And finally the man (or god!) himself.  Not the best model available from herocliks but the others were much more than I wanted to pay. I will be watching the releases for the new movie carefully to see if its worth investing in a new figure and repainting it.

a week of distraction!

I made the mistake of loading up an old computer game onto my laptop, a game called civilization 3.  While I possess a copy of the next version, this one always seemed the best out of the series and a game that always leaves me feeling that I could have done better if i'd have just concentrated more on the detail of each city rather than be in too much of a rush to conquer the world.  Real time games are just a bit too much for me to cope with lately, but the turn based nature of this game keeps me at it for hours and so not only have I not blogged for a week, I also haven't done much in the way of gaming stuff either.  However, I seem to have got this game addiction under control now and have got my painting mojo back.  All I need to do is find time to photograph the stuff i did today.  Hopefully that will be soon.