Sunday, July 28, 2013

The container pt2

so at the end of the last post, the villains speed demon and Titania were trying to get the container off the board and making slow progress, rhino had charged the heroes and taken damage for his troubles but had finally managed to get into contact with capt America.  Arachne had moved into position to stop the container leaving the board and had webbed rhino to slow him down and cable was content to stand and shoot at rhino with a good measure of success. Here's the board.

 turn 4
initiative rolls and another poor effort from the villains.
Heroes go first with cable on 6 and capt turning his 5 into a 6.
Cable blasts rhino again for 5 hits! the web is destroyed but rhino is out of stun again so collapses to the floor. His second shot only counts for 6's and cause more body.
Capt sees his chance and pushes again for a combined attack of 9D. However, rhino's good armour protects him from any additional damage.
Arachne, speed demon and titania all have 2 initiative so its down to speed. Speed demon and Arachne both have same speed so its down to a die roll and speed demon wins! He makes a change in the plan and charges Arachne.  His attack is 5D6 flurry (2) meaning he is so fast that he gets to attack twice, following up each attack if he needs to.
He hits 3 times with his 5D but Arachne has dodge (3) so rolls 3D and each success is a hit dodged.  she succeeds in dodging 2 and suffers only 1 damage.  However the damage gives speed demon an extra die for his second attack.

3 hits and none dodged- 2" knockback. in retaliation Arachne webs speed demon for 5 successes and on her initiative titania charges forward.
Finally rhino has his turn.  He is down but yet to activate so he has the option to forego his action this turn or to burn a body (in addition to the one required to refill his stun track) to immediately stand and have his go. This he chooses to do.
He charges Captain America again, over have a move so AP attack counts but chooses not to push as the Cap only has 1 stun left.
just a 9D AP killing attack (killing attacks cause an immediate body if there is an 6 left after armour and dodge adjustments but armour doesn't count for armour piercing attacks!! tough break there captain!)
4 damage and 1x6 which means a body damage and capt is down! (out of stun)

End of turn. Capt stands and refills his stun but is looking shaky, but so is rhino! Speed demon is webbed.

Turn 5
an important initiative.
Capt drops his 4 to a 3 so all heroes go on same initiative but 2 villains go before them.
Rhino activates first. capt is closest but too close for charge and therefore killing and AP to kick in, cable, however, is over half move away.  So cable it is!
A charge and a push gives rhino 12D. here's hoping!
Rhino must still be dazed - 4 hits and no 6's. 1" knockback.
titania charges Arachne.
9D attack and Archne forgets how to dodge! 3" knockback and stunned!
Now for the good guys go.
Arachne burns a body to get up and activate.  She then webs titania just trying to buy time for herself while the others defeat rhino.  She gets 3 successes which wont hold for long!
Cable is up next and he shoots rhino twice for a total of 4 stun then captain america wades in and pushes for his 3rd and final time to again get 10D
5 hits but rhino's armour stops 3, so 2 hits and no pushback.
Last but not least speed demon tries to break out of the web.  His 5D first attack gets 2 successes bringing the web strength down to 3 whilst his second attack only succeeds once so he is still webbed.

Turn 6

note on the boards above that the body track is moving from the right to the left on rhino, captain america and arachne - some supers are starting to get a little tired!
Capt flips his 2 into a 3 to go with cable.
Arachne moves first and attempts to reweb titania.  some entangles can be combined and added to.  Archnes web can and if it gets to twice the targets remaining body then they dont have the strength to get free without outside help - not important on this occasion as she still has all her body left.
Something must have distracted her as she only gets one success increasing the web strength from 3 to 4.
 cable, capt and rhino all go on 3 but rhino has a better speed and so he charges capt but as he is under half move away he gets no special bonuses.  He gets 3 hits but no AP means captains shield holds so only 1 hit.
Capt retaliates. he has 7D6 in hand to hand.  He gets 3 hits but can't get through rhino's armour.
Cable can't shoot into combat so he charges.  6D in combat, 3 hits all blocked by rhino's armour.
Titania tries to break free of the web and scores 3 successes so still held by a web of strength 1!! so maybe it wasnt such a poor effort from Arachne this round after all!
And finally speed demon rips his bonds apart.

turn 7
the villains had a plan.  speed demon and titania needed the high activations so rhino went last out of the villains.
speed demon activated and attacked the webs holding titania (it is assumed that you can target a friendly models entanglement without damaging the friend - if its an enemy the assumption is that you dont care). He destroys them with ease, freeing his comrade.
capt and cable both go on 6 initiative, with capt going first. He scores 5 hit and with 3 absorbed by armour 2 still go through causing (more importantly) 2" knockback.  Now not in hand to hand combat, cable swung up his gun and blasts rhino. first shot causes 4 damaging hits and down he goes. second shot causes no extra body.
Arachne activates next and rewebs Titania for 5 successes and lastly rhino pulls himself to his feet using his last 2 body to act this initiative with a full stun track.  Cable is inside 5", capt outside so capt it is! With the charge bonus and AP its 9D
4 hits and 2x6's for an extra body. the captain isn't looking too flash himself!!

turn 8
Captain flips the 7 into an 8, again to activate same initiative as cable.
Cable fires first, 2 damaging hits, 2nd shot 3hits but armour stops 2 so 1 hit and combined 3" knockback.
Capt activates next and uses the extra 2 damage dice to inflict 4 hits but rhinos armour stops 3 and no knockback.
speed demon attacks titania's webs again, using both his attacks to free her of her bonds. She then charges Arachne and hits her for some damage that she is only partially able to dodge.
Rhino activates next and he charges captain america.
9D, 1 hit but that's a 6 so down goes capt(he only had 1 stun left) and an extra body from a killing attack!
Arachnes last and again she webs Titania for 4 successes.

Turn 8
captain stands - no body left.
Rhino attacks first - 6D no benefits as he is too close. 4 hits but capts shield blocks 2.
Speed demon activates and charges Arachne. She dodges some but the 2 attacks still cause 4 damage and she starts to look wobbly too!
Cable's turn and he shoots Rhino and his 2 shots cause 6 hits!  Rhino goes down and out of the fight!
Capt moves towards the other fight to give support to Arachne.
Finally Titania gives a shrug of her massive shoulders and the web falls apart! (7 successes!!)

i had to stop at this point as I had to go and pick up my daughter from preschool.  I felt that the fight was still in the balance as the villains were a man down but neither Titania or speed demon had suffered any damage whereas both capt and Arachne were struggling.  Overall I was pleased with how the game went - there were a few rules that I forgot to apply here and there and some changes that I have made in light of this game but it will be interesting to play out another game using different figures and different combinations of skills and abilities.  Although he ended up being the only character to be put out of the fight, I thought rhino has the ability to be really effective!

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