Saturday, August 3, 2013

When I first started repainting Herocliks I followed advice and tried to strip them of the awful paint job they had and start from what is quite a nice sculpt.  I found this to be messy and took a long time and on some figures it ate into the plastic.  I then thought just to undercoat and repaint, and for me, this worked better. I have a short attention span and need instant results.  This leads to having to find a balance between results and time taken.  Some times its a disappointment, sometimes ok.
Below are some of the results.
Kingpin was one of the first I painted.  He was stripped with no real loss of detail.  i was quite pleased with him as white can be a tricky colour to get right.
This one was a straight repaint - no stripping this time.  Cant do superhero project without the Hulk!
Obviously the Captain was going to be here, although he has already made an appearance in the battle report.  He was stripped before painting.
Scarlet Witch was another strip and repaint  I was pleased with her as red can also be a tricky colour to get right.
I have spent the week building some terrain pieces - mainly non building terrain fillers such as a park and builders skips.  They are almost finished, just a little painting to do.  When they are complete I will put up some pictures.

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