Saturday, April 11, 2015

a productive few weeks!!!

I am still very much focused on my lord of the rings project an d am happily painting away. I started out painting character models because I have to confess I get a thrill from painting the characters from the book and film.  However, I soon realised that if the project was to have any legs then I would have to paint rank and file as well so as to get it into some sort of playable state as soon as possible.  I was hoping that playing with them would add a bit of extra drive to the over all project.
On to the figures -
You cant have a lord of the rings collection without having some hobbits.  These are from the fellowship of the ring box set.
Merry or pippin - not sure which one.

 samwise gamgee ready to pull his boss's nuts out of the fire.

 The other one.....

 Frodo's sword, sting, is glowing blue!!  There must be goblins about......

 A group shot of the diminutive foursome.  Frodo hiding behind sam, for a change........
 Elendil the Tall.  He will probably just get used as a different hero unless I want to do battles from the last alliance.  He is quite a nice figure.


 Boromir.  I never minded the character in the book but I really didn't like Sean Bean playing him - not one of my favourite actors (sorry Sean if you read this :) )

 His brother Faramir.  For a major character in the film this is quite a nondescript sculpt.  I like it but it's not readily recognizable as him.

 Denethor, Steward of Gondor.  A dark figure, all black grey and silver.

  A happy family shot....  It will not turn out well for two of these!

 Eowyn, Shield maiden of Rohan.    A nice figure but the trim on the armour needed a steady hand...

 Galadriel.  I much prefer the newer version of her from the hobbit film.  This one is a bit dull...
 Was it just me, or did galadriel speak a bit like 'mystic  meg' in the lord of the rings films?
That's the character figures I have painted over the last few days but I have also been busy painting forces of Orthanc and Rohan.  More of those next update....


  1. Wow... you've clearly got into something of a painting frenzy, my friend :-) Lovely models and wonderful paintjobs to boot. Are we close to a Fellowship group shot yet ;-)

    1. Almost - need to get legolas and gimli painted but have been painting lots of troops as you will see on wednesday! I will try and get the fellowship completed soon as possible - just me and my daughter at home this week so might find a bit of time to paint them:)

  2. That is allot of great work! nice....

    1. I am enjoying painting them so it seems to be going quite fast at the moment. Long may it continue.....

  3. A lot of nice figures there, I think! The men all look a bit dour, mind - but then most of them die horribly in the books so maybe they have every right to look glum :-) .

    1. Yes, Gondor being all in black and silver is a bit dull. Maybe the elves will add colour when I get to them :). The green of the riders of roman have been better to paint.