Sunday, April 5, 2015

Playing a game for a change!!

A group of us get together every two weeks at a community hall that we rent for an absurdly small amount.  As I live about 50 mins drive away I try and get to as many as possible but this still means that I don't get to as many as I would like. This week we seemed stuck in some sort of indecision nightmare when it came to deciding what to play and eventually it was decided to play Warhammer (actually oldhammer as it was version 4 I think!)  Now I am not a great fan of warhammer whichever the version but understand the basics of warhammer rules and usually end up enjoying the games we play.
I forgot my camera so these shots are from my phone - hopefully they are not too bad.
As for the game, I had chaos beastmen and my opponent, Kelly, had dwarves, a very nice old metal sculpts army that, sadly, are quite difficult to get now.
The scenario was based around this wizards tower and victory would go to whoever held it at the end of the game.  A slight complication was that it moved around the table - 2d6 inches in the direction of a scatter dice.
I started with a unit of beastmen in the castle
 While my general and another unit formed a relief force.  The chariots would just look for another target to annoy.  Tactics would play second fiddle to my lack of understanding of the finer points of the rules - I would not be sure if charging was a good idea until after the combat had taken place!
 On the left of my line I had a unit of centaurs  and a flanking unit of chaos hounds. Note the open army list as I try and figure out if any of my troops are any good.  As it turned out my centaurs were not too bad.....
 The dwarves, worried about the beastmen's superior movement rate, anchored themselves on a wood, with their artillery and one unit of handgunners placed there.
 the line ends here!! with a female dwarf champion.
 The bolt thrower behind the wall turned out to be firing nerf darts - the always hit the target but never caused a wound the entire game!
 The chariots charging the hand gunners.
 The centaurs start moving forward.  In the back ground the tower can be seen having moved.  A dwarven champion mounted the steps and attacked my beastmen but before his unit could provide support, the tower moved out of the range of their little legs!  He was on his own then :)
 My chaos hounds took off around the wood.
 Being Lordless, I thought that the dwarfs would be easier meat for the centaurs, so off they charged.  And.... they actually wiped them out!!  woo hoo for me!
 the hand gunners were shooting the chariots and managed to kill the mounts on on and wound a crew on another. Two still managed to get into contact.
 The tower disappearing into the distance.  The dwarf hero was trying to cut his way into the building and failing, while my defenders could not kill him as he was too good.
 My wizard had a spell that could raise raise zombies so I promptly raised some of the dwarves to fight for me -my opponent, Kelly, found it less funny than me, it had to be said!!
 Our units containing the generals slowly approach each other.  He moved slow because of little legs, I moved slow as I had a magic banner that was proving quite effective as it didn't allow armour saves and that is a great strength of dwarves.  I also knew that he would murder me in combat!
Notice the tower is back!  It moved in each magic phase 2d6 inches, but open ended d6 (roll again on a roll of a 6 and add).  Kelly managed to move the tower 30" in one move!!!
 Still whittling down his dwarves as they get closer.
 The remains of my 3 chariots (just 2 crew!) charge the cannon crew while trying to outrun an angry female dwarf.
 My zombie dwarves charge the live dwarf hero as he is hacking his way through my defenders.  Somehow I win and he doesn't get a moral save against terror causing zombies!!  Hooray - the hero is dead!!

The generals finally clash. I have a full unit and the Kelly has just over a front rank.  It is still much too close and I rely on my ranks to win combat.....

And so it ended there - a victory for the might chaos beast men....
We both enjoyed the game and look forward to the next game.  I doubt that I would be so lucky next time.....  
I think I am meant to be playing another game on tuesday (we all seem to be on holiday) so another battle report is on the cards.  This time the Crimean War!


  1. Its always nice to have a game. the magic cards are old :)

    1. it is nice to play once in a while and yes the cards are old!! Not mine though - one of my friends has all 8(?) editions of warhammer and plays whichever version he feels like, which is usually an older one.

  2. Great looking game and probably one of the better versions of warhammer :)

    1. I do enjoy it when I play but warhammer just was never my thing. I've had a few armies in the past but never got particularly enthused to play it much.

  3. Thoroughly enjoyed that CW, though I was a bit thrown by you playing "Warhammer Fantasy". Nice to see someone else flitting between genres ;-) Great write-up and those magic cards are a serious blast from the past. Great win for Chaos and your centaurs seemed especially impressive; as did your beardy zombies. Thanks for posting :-)

    1. Part of my wargaming issue is that I am drawn to almost everything and don't stay focused on one thing enough to finish it as a project! If only I had more time and money.........
      The centaurs performed well - much better than they normally do when they charge across the board and get wiped out to a man(horse?) before they manage to do anything!

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you - it was a pleasant way to spend the afternoon, more so as I won!! :)

  5. Yup, games are (almost) always good :-) . If you have a decent scenario and good company then that's what matters, I think.

  6. I agree. I can't think of many games I have not enjoyed because of the rules. It's who you are with and just moving the toys around which is the thing.