Friday, August 16, 2013

more superheros

Time to post a few more superheros repaints.  A mixture of heroes and villains today.
As I had the web slinger last time, Its only right to have an opponent for him this time.  So here is Dr Octopus.  Nice figure and I enjoyed painting him a lot.
 This figure is  Wonderman.  I liked the nice, casual pose of him.  I suppose you could make him a civilian if you took him off his flight stand.
 Angel.  Nice feather texture on his wings.
 juggernaut was a stripped figure and the acetone etched into him a little. You can tell slightly on the figure but it doesn't show up too much on the photo
 Why wouldn't you want a super villain, and as supervillains go Dr Doom is a good one.  Again, I really liked the figure.  There are many Dr Doom cliks available but most were more than I cared to pay, especially when the cheap ones were so good.

So that's it for this supers update.  Will try and post some more in the week.


  1. Great stuff! I have some clicks that I just got and reworking some for supersystem3 as conversions.

  2. people seem to love them or hate them, but I cant really see why you would hate them!!! Although I do have a few 'less than successful' ones which I will post soon as they do have a couple of down sides.

  3. I used to call them well, they are for kiddies the game at least to me. You open a box, shake them out and play. The models for the most part are not painted well, even if the sculpt is fairly decent. I just have a lower respect for clix players over the standard wargamer that bothers to paint their stuff and puts their style into the models.

  4. I never bought that many when they first came out. just a few to play a couple of games at my local club. It soon became evident that the system was a little flawed and the inability of most characters to move into combat and attack made it difficult to get the first punch in and the first punch counted a lot!! I am glad that I eventually found a use for them as otherwise it was pointless bringing them with me from the UK to NZ when I emigrated. Now all I have to do is find something to do with the mechwarrior cliks that I have! I have plans.....