Friday, August 16, 2013

Some more potential survivors

Although still haven't quite decided on the basing yet, I have painted a few more survivors from foundry street violence and hasselfree miniatures.
First up is rollerskate girl.
 I'm really not sure the technicalities of using two firearms on rollerskates but it was a nice figure to pain as are most of the foundry figures I've attempted, historical or fantasy. I did have to try and find out how do do sunglasses simply as I was finding more and more of the figures i was painting were wearing them.  It turned out to be a very simple process but like most things easy when you know how. i have seen some very nice examples of sunglasses where they show the reflection of the horizon or cityscape in them!  Wonderful effects but beyond my abilities to pull off :(
next up is some street thug in his football kit.  His bullet belt shows tracers rounds as well as normal bullets.  I wonder if old zombies are more prone to catching fire once they have dried out a little?

 This figure is slightly more high tech as he has some form of body armour.  i think he is part of the hardwire troop
 i was trying to make this figure a 'study in blue'. using 3 different blues to paint her.  It turnee out ok but nothing special..

 I liked this figure.  Quite simple to paint and I am toying with the idea of getting some gloss varnish to paint her outfit to make it a more patent leather look

 Finally a hasselfree miniature.  I think this one is called Dionne.  She is a slighter sculpt than foundry so more care was needed. I liked the way her white body suit worked out.

I intend to start a zombie campaign when i get time but I get into an odd mindset that i can't start until I have all the options of figures I might need.  The two most obvious gaps in my figure collection for zombies were cops and military and so I finally got round to buying some street violence packs of cops and militia which I have undercoated but not started painting yet.  I will post them when I finish them.  They were from Ainsty castings who had a few blisters at a discounted price.  the discount covered the cost of postage for the full price figures. Worked out well, i thought.  

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