Sunday, August 4, 2013

Although my first few posts (since returning to blogging) have been about my super heroes, one of my main projects is to create a town/city terrain that can be a setting for a few game ideas I have.  One of my (very!) early blog entries was about painting zombies, which I went on to finish - I will post pics at some point.  With these I hope to play some games of 'all things zombies' by twohourwargames.  Having 70 or so zombies is all well and good but I also needed survivors and a set of terrain.  I recently played out a solo game of superheroes and realised that although the buildings looked good, there was too much empty space.  so I set out to create some cover other than big buildings.
first up was a small memorial park.
the following pictures go step wise through the construction process.
The basis was a square of mdf and plasticard beds.  The level of the beds was raised with card inserts.
As the terrain road tiles I am using are from Stoetzels paper buildings I printed paving and brickwork to clad the floor and walls. The beds were given a layer of hot glue and then pva and sand to create the soil surface.

The sand was inked when dry and plants/ vegetation attached.
 Next benches were constructed from balsa wood and more plasticard and card used to create the centre piece.  The figure is an old foundry Victorian gentlemen figure that I had spare and the shields are from empire knights (games workshop)
 The benches were inked green and glued in place.
lastly, the centre piece was painted bronze, given a green wash and highlighted while the stone plinth was given coats of grey.
Overall I'm quite pleased with how it worked out.  It does what I set out to do and that is to provide a piece of terrain that creates cover in an open area.  Even more pleasing was that it was made entirely out of bits and pieces I had to hand so in effect cost nothing to build (wargamer's logic on display a bit there!)
I have a few more ideas for battlefield clutter and so will be making a few more bits and pieces soon.


  1. Very nice work, what would say is the total size if the park?

    1. The garden is 10" square so is sizeable enough for figures to be placed in it with ease. Also the statue and plinth is not fixed so ca be used with or without the garden.