Friday, August 16, 2013

town clutter

I am still trying to think of modern city clutter for survivors or superheroes to use for cover.  My latest attempt was to build some builders skips.  These are built to a British pattern which means my final city will be a strange mixture of European/American cultures but I am sure I can live with that!
 First I created a 'net' out of paper and when i was convinced the sides lined up to give me the basic shape I wanted, I traced it onto card and cut it out.
 I then reinforced the sides with strips of plasticard.  This took the most amount of time of the whole project!
Finally I painted them.  I made 4 all together.  The photos make them look a little rougher round the edges than they do in real life.. I suppose that I could have made the sides of plasticard as well but this would have increased the difficulty and construction time and I am very flighty at the moment!

I think that they dont look too bad and again they cost me nothing to make as all materials were already lying around my desk.  I look forward to actually using them in a game.  Just need to think of what to make next!?!?!

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