Saturday, September 7, 2013

this weekends offering of supers

a few more of my heroclik repaints.  
to start off with - Luke Cage , Power man.  Nice, easy colour scheme and a chance to practice a different skin colour!
 Hydroman.  A figure where the transparent plastic was too nice to undercoat over so just did the bit I wanted to repaint.  I think where i managed to keep the transparent effects on the figure I usually enhances the final effect.  It worked particularly well on this figure.
 Gorgon - one of the immortals.  would really like to get blackbolt to lead the immortals I have but he is a super rare figure and well above what I would pay for a clik I intended to repaint and rebase.
 The Hulk's son, Skaar.  A nice fantasy model as well.
 Moon night.  Another white model that I painted in foundry canvas triad rather than a grey/white combination.  I like the effect but some of it is that I only have GW greys and whites and they are going thick (as they tend to do!).  Maybe I just need to get a few more paints....
that's it for this weeks supers update, so have a good week people! (if anyone is out there looking!)

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