Saturday, September 7, 2013

#insert your own city's name here#'s finest!

I have set myself the goal of getting a working 'all things zombies' campaign up and running by xmas.  It will probably be a solo game with occasional episodes played with others in my gaming group.  In order to do that I have a list of figures I would like to get and have painted before I start.  High on the list were police as they play a big part in the early games and I want to have figures for any random events that are generated.  As luck would have it, Ainsty castings were selling off  some of the street violence range at a reduced cost, so I bought a couple of packs of street cops (and the backstreet militia which have yet to be painted!).  Below is the Police dept of the yet to be named city.
One of the older members of the department
 After I had painted him I realised that he should have been brown skinned!  Oh well- next time I will paint him correctly!
 All of the figures are very characterful, especially this one, who has a coffee and burger from mcD's and the one eating a pizza.
 the figures are armed with shotguns or pistols and have a nice mix of male and female officers.
 time for a snack in between zombies
 I like the fact that the female officers are not sexualised and exaggerated.

 These last few are of the departments SWAT team - I have another team of 5 to do but not sure where they are on the list yet.

over all I feel that they worked out not to shabbily with the streetcops being better that the SWAT team.  All of the figures were fun to paint.  I think I need to get some non foundry survivors to expand the collection!

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