Sunday, September 1, 2013

a few more superheros!

Today was fathers day and my 4 yr old daughter got me a copy of the marvel movie Thor as a present. (she also got me some chocolates which she proceeded to help me eat!)  The film got me to thinking it was time for me to upload some more images of my clik repaints.
First up is Ghost
 I liked the clear lower body on the figure so attempted to keep it in. I feel it worked quite well.
Next up is Wendigo. This is an awesome figure and I might get a few more to paint differently for fantasy games.  Really cheap as well - I'm sure that it only cost me about US$1.
 This was one of my original attempts at stripping and repainting.  I had to be very careful with the Wasps wings
 The Patriot.  A simple figure that I think would be made or ruined by how well the shield turned out.  I felt that it as ok enough to photo!

 And finally the man (or god!) himself.  Not the best model available from herocliks but the others were much more than I wanted to pay. I will be watching the releases for the new movie carefully to see if its worth investing in a new figure and repainting it.


  1. Thanks. They were interesting figures to paint, especially ghost and wendigo

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