Saturday, December 6, 2014

back again!

for the 3rd time of trying I am starting my blog again.  this time I am going to try and post once per week with something hobby related that I have achieved.  I have plans that will hopefully generate enough output to keep it interesting and i plan on linking to other blogs to try and generate some interest to keep me motivated.  there is nothing worse than posting regularly only to see that no one has visited :(
I plan on starting a solo all things zombie campaign in the near future (am part way through the first adventure as I type!) and am also planning on doing a solo pulp set of adventures and am hoping Santa brings me some new toys to push this project onward.  my final solo project that I hope to blog in order to keep me interested is the set of superheros rules I have been working on.  I have another set of herocliks to repaint now (i am getting another 130 -odd DC superheros for xmas) and am looking forward to painting and using them.
I have been reasonably busy on the painting front and will show you the new figures soon. Today I have painted a reaper bones figure that was part of the kickstarter they did a year or two ago.  i have painted it up for the painting club on the lead adventures forum.  the category was science fiction and I hope he will suffice.

I like how it turned out:)

hopefully I will post again soon!


  1. Great work! I did mine white!

    1. it was a really nice figure and I have been waiting for a chance to paint it. i think bones plastic works better on bigger figures. white would look good :)