Wednesday, December 17, 2014

a few more cliks

Carrying on with the photos of my marvel heroclik collection, here are some more.  I will try and finish them off at the weekend and then can try and show something new.
 Rhino, Dr. Oct, Dr. Strange, The Controller
 Cannonball, The Klaw, Antman, Nocturne
 Hobgoblin, Bishop, The Scarlet Witch, man beast
 wolfbane, swamp thing, speed demon, mystique
 quicksilver, the puppet master, Bi-beast, diamond back
 green goblin, daredevil, moltenman, moleman
 Blizzard, mr fixit, diamond lil, Calypso
 the wasp, magma, cyclops, electra
 dreadnaut, Attuma, Korg, hepzibah
 Power Princess, white tiger, beast, colossus
kid nova blade (another bent figure), spiderman, capt marvel
storm, meggan (yet another figure that was straightened and has just reverted to its bent shape), mockingbird, wonderman.
one of the joys of repaints and rebasing is that you never have to buy the expensive version of a figure as the price is linked to its in game use.  I don't think I paid more than a dollar or two for any of them but most were around 50c each.
After I finish showing all the supers I plan on showing some modern survivors I have painted recently as this blog was originally intended to plot my path towards an 'All things zombie' game.

thanks for looking.

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