Saturday, December 20, 2014

final set of repaints

well...for a while anyway.  It will take me a while to paint all of the dc herocliks so I will post them in twos and threes rather than 48 at a time!!!
here are the last 12 groups of 4.  This accounts for all the repaints I have done so far.
Without further ado, here they are...
 Arachne, Night Thrasher, Ghost, Jackel
 Hydroman, She-Hulk, Kang, Killer Shrike
 Pyro (by far my worst paint job - might get another of him and redo it), Sasquatch, Avalanche, Paste pot Pete
 Mach-1, Thor, Atlas, Hyperion
 wolverine, boomerang, chamber, black widow
 Taskmaster, magik, betsy braddock, The Punisher
 Silver Samurai, Powerman, wizard, Kingpin
 Wendigo, wildfire, Sage, Patriot
 Anaconda, Electro, Vision, Hercules
 Abomination, Luke Cage (again - not sure how that happened), Ultron, Firestar
 Annihilus, Yellowjacket, whirlwind, Beetle
Thundra, Silver surfer, Sabretooth and Powerlad.

Well, that's finally over.  Next I will look at some of the other projects I have on the go.
Next up will be some modern survivors that I have recently painted.  If its not before the 25th, then have a good Christmas and I hope Santa is good to you .

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