Monday, December 15, 2014

marvel herocliks

A while back I bough a load of herocliks from Troll and Toad to repaint.  My aim was to blog them as I finished them and, although I carried on painting them, the other part of the plan fell by the wayside.  Now that I have placed another (big !) order with troll and toad (138 new dc herocliks) I feel that I should show the others first.  Some of these were shown already but so few that I figured just show the lot again.
There are a few of them so I might split this over two posts.
 the fantastic four - The Thing, Reed Richards, The human torch and invisible woman.  Mr Fantastic is quite hard to get a good photo of due to his curly pose.
 Dragon man, Blastaar, Drax the destroyer, ironmonger
 meteorite, silver sable, shatterstar, Dr doom
 Rogue, Falcon, Bullseye, Mr. Hyde
 juggernaut, Thundra, Skaar, Titania
The Blob, Capt.America, Angel, Swordsmaster
 Iceman - although not really a repaint rather just inked to preserve its translucent nature, stature, ursa major, Black knight
 Magneto, jolt, marrow, Banshee
 moonknight, Prof Xavier, Gorgon, Iron fist
 Immortus, the Manderin (not keen on the painting of this one) the Hood,
 The Scorpion, The Hulk, Meik, armadillo,
 Northstar, Giantman, Cable, Crimson Dynamo ( I have two versions of crimson Dynamo but I like this one the best)
 Jean Grey, Domino, Capt Britain, Hawkeye
 Boom Boom, toad, jubilee, Havok
Dr Spectrum (figure is a bit bent over and now cannot straighten it out now that he is painted)
Nova, Vulture, Iron man
That's probably enough to be going on with.  Will add more when I get a chance - hopefully later this week as I have just started my summer holidays :)