Sunday, December 21, 2014

A long way home - the beginning

This is the start of my 'All things Zombie" campaign.  It is the story of three people a long way from home when the zombie apocalypse starts.  Here are the main cast members:

In the centre we have PC Sam Ford, a Police office from Birmingham, in the middle of England on a 6 month work exchange with the police department of Rapid City, South Dakota, USA. On the right of him is his wife Layla, also from Birmingham, and to the left of him is Penelope 'Penny' Black, a Londoner living in Rapid Falls for the last 3 years who is lodging with them and is Layla's best friend.
The two statuesque ladies are by Copplestone casting and were a joy to paint.  Sam Ford is by hasslefree miniatures. I enjoyed painting it so much that I have put another order in and they are wrapped, sitting under the xmas tree waiting until I am allowed to have them.
The idea behind the campaign is to plot their journey home - if they can stay alive long enough to get there....
Here is a map where Rapid City is situated

The Coast lies a long, long way to the right........
I am half way though the first game so I hope to post the first bat rep soon.


  1. Cool idea for a backstory. I can't wait to see how this develops!

  2. thank you. To be honest I painted the figure and really wanted to use it so had to come up with a back story to allow it :)

  3. Great start and fantastic looking characters and brushwork.

    1. thank you. Some of the best sculptors have chosen to do survivor figures. They are just nice to paint, but compulsive to collect.....:)