Tuesday, January 13, 2015

a bit more board decoration for zombies

I have ran out of paint so my desert boards have come to a halt at the moment so rather than be idle I thought I would do a couple of things for my zombie board.  In previous games I have noticed when setting the board up that I lack smaller items that do nothing more in game terms than add to the visual appeal.  Now that I am putting the games on the blog I feel that this is something I need to address and so have created a list of items that I would like to work on when I have some time spare.  Hopefully they will fit in between more major items.
The list so far comprises of the following:
Skate park,
sheds and garages,
washing lines,
another garden board,
road works,
tables for outside public house or in a park,
long planters,
basketball court,
bus shelters,
carpark barrier,
electricity substation,
ornamental fences for public house.

If anyone can add any more to the list I would be very grateful.
As I have already stated, I will just work on these as little side projects, but over time I feel that they will greatly add to the visual appeal and variety of the playing area.
I have managed to tick a few things off the list.  Here are the ones I have completed so far.
Another garden board to help do a residential area a bit easier, complete with a green house.  The board needs edging and the black ink went in my printer when I was printing off the last page of tarmac so it's a little lighter than the rest.  Both of these are minor jobs to correct and will be done in near future.  The greenhouse was put together using matchsticks and old take away containers.  Its not very good but was a good trial as I built frame and then tried to glaze it.  Attempt 2 will be done completely opposite.  I will complete the glass structure then frame it in wood.  It should look a bit of an improvement.  Ahh well.... you live and learn.  I might need to find a better source of clear plastic as getting the panels the correct size without recycling stamps or other embossed information was a little tricky!!
 Because I was aware of it's flaws and that it would be replaced by something better in the near future, I just inkwashed the woodwork very quickly and not too carefully!

 Still.....I think it shows the idea will work, so something positive came out of it.
 I am much happier with the extra pieces for the Winch.  The tables are just plasticard and balsa.  I think that these turned out ok and will be very useful.  The chained planter fences look good.  I think that I need some flowers in them to add a bit of colour.  I will keep my eyes open for something suitable.  The chain was just from a cheap $2 shop jewelry item.

 They might trip up a few zombies if I am lucky.  They certainly won't be holding them back for long, that's for sure.

 The last items was something for the children..It is the start of a playground.  So far just a swing and a roundabout.  The roundabout was made of bits of balsa, a pushpin and some garden wire. The swing was just garden wire, more of the cheap jewelry chain and a tire from a toy car that was too small to use in a game.  I couldn't get the chain to hold using superglue so had to use a drop of hot glue, which looks a little untidy, but I will have to get something a little less obvious.

So all in all, a few bits of clutter that are ok and a few that are a bit rough around the edges at the moment.  However, I feel that they will blend into the board ok when they are used and hopefully the next versions of them will be much better!!  At least I am starting to give myself a few options in how I set things up.

Thanks for looking :)


  1. All great additions to the clutter, much like I've been doing over the last couple of years.
    Your greenhouse is usable but I agree that doing the 'glass' first isprobably a better idea (I suggest using stiff plastic cellophane).
    I had similar problems with the swings I made for the playground area in my park and wuld love to have made a roundabout (called a tea-pot lid in our neck of the woods) but alas there just wasn't room.
    One of the things I have in abundance in my newly made yards is rubbish - lots and lots of it, it's easy to make too.

    1. I will have to go back and have a look at your rubbish collection. From what i recall it was quite comprehensive!!!
      I like the name 'teapot lid' :) I looked at your slide but it just looked to fiddly so I am putting that idea on back burner until I can think of an easy way of doing it!

  2. Thats a long list of stuff to do... But DAM! you have been buisy. :)
    Great work.

    1. most of these should be just single evening projects that just slot into a bit of free time. From the replies, I think the list got a little longer....

  3. Street furniture can really bring your game board to life. What you have done so far is excellent. May I suggest the following to add to your list - litter bins, fire hydrants, mail boxes, street lights, telephone booths. Basically, the more the better.

    1. the green house is very dodgy but the other bits will be ok!!:) All that you suggest would be good additions and will be added to the list. I need to look at some images of american street furniture to find variants I can build.

  4. I like the beer garden for your pub - nicely done!

    You seem to have a huge list of items already :-) , but what about adding some street furniture? Mail boxes, phone booths, dustbins, road signs, street lights, advertising hoardings...

    1. I am happy with the beer garden. I've been thinking about road signs and street lights. need to google to see what they look like over there! I might start collecting images for advertising hoardings as well.

  5. Those are all fantastic. What about some skips or large industrial bins etc. You can make bin bags from putty quite easy as well leave them scattered about in corners etc.

    1. I have made a few skips but was thinking earlier that I have missed clothes bank/recycling centre off the list so might have a go at them as they seem a common sight in large carparks and would add a bit of variety to that space. Bin bags and general rubbish is now definitely on my list.

  6. Great ideas dude!
    Makes me wonder why I haven't got a list. D'oh!
    Lovely work so far, the Resident Evil roundabout is super creepy dude.
    The hedge is excellent too.
    Nobody's said dumpsters yet!

    1. A list is useful as you don't forget the good ideas and you never waste 1/2 an hour trying to think what to make!! :) I have some empty dumpsters but maybe a couple of full ones wouldn't hurt!

  7. Cracking stuff CM. Don't forget though that they'll all look even better when you've got Zeds clambering over them and getting blown away by your top two cops :-)

    1. I think the rough bits will blend in better when there is more going on on the board. I need to get working on next episode soon so we shall see!

  8. Looking great! I like the playground, that is something I would like to build myself. The planters with chain was a good, simple, yet very visually appealing touch. Consider that idea stolen!

  9. I steal all the ideas I can so am hardly in a position to complain :) . The playground was stolen from Zabadak But I couldn't do the slide....
    There are other bits I will probably add to the playground over time but am going through all the easy ideas first (although the greenhouse didn't turn out to be - however, I have a cunning plan!)