Sunday, January 4, 2015

A long way home: episode 2

 Sam sat down with an exaggerated sigh.  He had just walked in from work, secured his personal side arm in the mini safe in the lounge, then walked back into the kitchen.  His wife, Layla and their lodger, Penny, were busy making the evening meal.
"Bad day at work, Hon?  Layla asked as she glanced over her shoulder at her husband.
'"Worse than normal." he replied quietly.
Something in the way he spoke made them both stop the preparations and turn towards him.
"Want to share?" asked Penny.  "A trouble shared  and all that...."
"Not really, but I think I have to.  Laverne was killed today."  The women joined him at the table.  "We were investigating a multiple drunk and disorderly, or so we thought.  It didn't turn out to be that, though, and I have a feeling it's going to be something much worse."
In a quiet voice he told them all that had happened that day, of how his colleague had died at the teeth of a monster, one of the many monsters they had encountered on what should have been a routine call out. Back at the station at the end of the shift, he had found out that it had been far from an isolated incident and that the scene had been repeated all over the city.  Other reports suggested that other cities had encountered the same thing.  Something was deeply wrong with all this.
"Tomorrow I want you both to go into town to the gun store," Sam said, " and I want you to buy guns, lots of guns!"
Layla and  Penny looked at him as if he had gone mad.
"This is going to get worse," he declared prophetically, "and when it does I want us to be prepared."  Sam got up from the table "Oh, and take something heavy with you, something you can hide, but something you can hit them with if you meet one of them.  A hammer or something."

After Sam had gone to work the next morning, the women set off on their errand.
 On the left is Penelope 'Penny ' Black, the lodger.
leadership 3, shoot 3, melee 3, people 4, drive 3,
             attribute - stone cold
             equipment - hammer
On the right is Layla Ford (star)
leadership 3, shoot 3, melee 3, people 4, drive 4,
            attributes- ambidextrous, agile
            equipment - crowbar.
The three PEFs were placed.  A rep 2 PEf was in the carpark near the burger van.
 Another rep 2 PEF behind the fast food joint
 The third PEF, rep 1, near the cashpoint machine.

 This is a view of the table.  The two women have to go to the cashpoint machine at the far end of the table, then return to the gun store and buy weapons.  After this they need to return to their car.
 A view of the gun store - Bob's Bargain Bullets!!
 Two PEFs were in sight at the start of the first turn.  The one at the top end of the table turned out to be a group of civilians running from something further up the road.
 "What the hell's going on down there?"  Asked Layla with concern obvious in her voice.
"Dunno, but they are heading this way." Penny replied, squinting against the sun's early morning glare.  "I wonder if there are some of those monsters down there that have got Sam so worked up?"
They both jumped as a shutter banged against the side of the closed burger van.
"All that talk of 'Bob's Burgers' last night has got me a little jumpy!" admitted Layla.  "Let's get this done as quick as we can.  I want to get back home."  She gave the crowbar in her waistband a reassuring touch.  "Come on, Penny"  
They moved forward.
The second PEF turned out to be just noises.
 The pair of friends walked across the car park, their eyes scanning for any signs of trouble.

 They passed 'Flips', an arcade popular with teenagers.  It seemed strangely quiet to Layla. " Maybe news of the monsters was spreading and people were keeping younger family members closer to home today."
 The cash dispenser was just a head and the two females quickened their pace a little, determined to get the job done quick.
 The fleeing people were now level with them.  Bizarrely, they ran passed in silence, seemingly unwilling or unable to waste energy on unproductive noise.  They ran with a determination to put as much distance between themselves and whatever had caused them to feel such fear.

 Layla opened her mouth to pass comment when an insect of some kind flew into it, causing her to halt in a fit of coughing.
Penny turned to her friend, slapping her on the back to dislodge the invader. "You need to cough quieter, Layla.  Sam said they seemed to be attracted to noise!"
"Trying my best!" she gasped in between spasms.  "Lets keep moving." 
 No one moved this go, just a double generated random event card.  For the second game in a row I drew the coughing and sneezing event!  Layla's coughing generated 1 noise counter, but it didn't generate a zombie.
 The civilians carried on running, een managing to pick up their pace slightly!
 "How much should I get out?" asked Penny as she started to punch in the pin number.
Her coughing now under control Layla shrugged.  "Get your maximum out.  Sam said to get as many guns and as much ammunition as we can."
"It'll put me overdrawn." said Penny with a frown. "This had better be the end of the world........" she muttered darkly.
"Just get the money." Laughed Layla against her better judgement.  "Sam and I will sort it out next payday."
They quickly withdrew and pocketed the large bundles of cash.  
 They turned and started to jog back the way they had come , easily catching the now struggling people, their exertions becoming more laboured.
 They soon stood in front of the weapons shop.  Easing their weapons in their belts, they entered.
 No zombie....
 The shop's proprietor sat behind his counter, eating an egg and bacon roll that was obviously his breakfast.  He looked up, his food hanging unbitten in front of his mouth as the two young women approached his desk.  "Can I help you?" he managed to stutter.
They both smiled at him.  "I certainly hope so!"  replied Penny . 
 They left the shop hoisting reassuringly heavy bags over their shoulders.
"Did you see that cheeky bastard!" laughed Penny.  "He couldn't take his eyes off my chest!"
"Well you did sort of lay it on a plate for him.  Poor man!!" Layla responded, looking at her friends low cut top.
"We needed a good deal, didn't we?"  
"Shameless hussy!" 
I rolled on the meet and greet table to see how friendly the shopkeeper would be.  Penny won 5 successes to 2.  The shop keeper was very helpful - must have had a crush on the girls!!
 Finally the final PEF moved and resolved into......nothing!
The rattling of bins behind made them turn quickly, clutching at their bags for the newly acquired guns.  They stopped themselves when they saw nothing out of the ordinary. 
"Let's get to the car!"
 The pair quickly threw their bags into the back seat of the car and jumped in.  With a squeal of tires, they were gone!

So that's the end on episode 2.  I'm sorry to say that nothing much really happened, but the two women did do as they needed. Now they have guns and will feel a little more secure in any future conflict with zombies.  I am sure that as time passes more zombies will begin to appear.


  1. Relish the moment, Chris. It's great when you have a quiet game like this. Believe me, things will soon get a lot worse.
    Oh, I loved the picture of Lara, or should that be Layla?

    1. I have to say I'm a little surprised how uneventful the PEFs have been over the last two games. I suppose not having guns in this one was always going to limit the number of zombies generated.

  2. Awesome episode! Looking forward to the next one. Suspense is building nicely.

    1. thank you. wasn't sure whether to post it as nothing actually happened but the story line sort of needed it. The characters now have guns to defend themselves when it all starts hotting up.

  3. Nice simple scenario and things went according to plan for a change. I must confess I thought some huge terror was going to be chasing those civvies. Great stuff :-)

    1. This time I had the scenario conditions fixed firmly in my head. It keeps the characters a bit more focussed. Very necessary in this game as without guns they would have been in a bit of trouble against zombies.

  4. Very cool dude! Nothing happening really ramps the tension for the next time. Looking forward to more. Nice table too dude!

    1. I am hoping that 'nothing happening' doesn't last for too much longer, but may regret saying that.

  5. It's always nice to read the occassional game aar where nothing of importance actually occurs. Great looking set-up btw

    1. I needed the guns and wasn't too displeased that not too many zombies were generated. Maybe 1 would have been nice though :)
      As for the board, I think I need more street clutter. Might have to go on a terrain building run if I can think what to make!

  6. Wow, it's nice to see a mission go well for a change. Enjoy the chance at an "easy" mission. They can go so wrong, so fast...

    I can't wait to see where you go with this campaign. Keep up the great work!

    1. I have the next few episodes worked out in my head (even written down, I think!), but after that just a general idea of what they will be doing. Luckily the rules have lots of tables to help generate adventures, so that will be a big help.

  7. I agree with all of the above: it's good to see a nice, easy mission!. Though you only know that the mission is easy *after* it's finished, right :-) ?

    1. That's true. I was sort of expecting the shop owner to be a zombie or the last PEF to be something but it was not to be. Being counted as rural really does reduce the chances of anything happening. I shall have to think about when that will change. Next adventure, maybe....

  8. It still a cool batrep i hope more will happen next time ;)

    1. me too! although I might regret saying that......

  9. Sometimes a peaceful batrep is better than a massacre one :) Good for the girls, they finished the most important shopping.

    1. was quite relieved they got through ok, but maybe 1 zombie would have been nice :)